Central Florida Metal Detecting Club

The Central Florida Silver & Relic Hunt

April 18, 2020
Registration = $129 / hunter.

All hunts will be held rain or shine.

A badge will be given to you at sign in, this badge must be worn at all of the hunts.
Lunch and Moss Park entry fee is included with each paid registration

Headphones must be worn during the hunts. No pulse machines are allowed. . Examples of Pulse Machines are Tesoro Sand Shark Garrett Sea Hunter
Mark II Garrett Infinium Garrett ATX Whites Dual Field.
No sand scoops, shovels or picks .Permitted digging equipment is limited to small hand tools such as probes, Gator Diggers or small hand spades.
You must dig and retrieve your own targets.
Lunch is available for $12 for those not participating in the hunts.

Name:_____________________________________ Phone:_____________________


Extra Lunches:________  $ each      Total enclosed:__________________

Do you want information for future hunts? Please leave email address ___________________________________________

No cash refunds!
* I acknowledge by my signature that I/we will not hold the Central Florida Metal Detecting Club or Moss Park responsible for any
accident or injury I/we may incur while participating in the Central Florida Silver & Relic Hunt April 18, 2020 hunt. CFMDC is not responsible for any lost
or stolen property. I/we have read and understand the rules.I hereby give my full permission for the use of my name, picture, image, likeness, actions,
voice, or other personally identifiable information, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other images,for the 2020 Central Florida Silver
& Relic Hunt .
I waive all rights of privacy or compensation, which I may have in connection with such use of my name,picture, image, likeness, actions, voice or other
personally identifiable information.
The Central Florida Metal Detecting Club  reserves the right to deny entry into this hunt to their discretion.

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Signature required

*All prizes are acquired weekly until day of the hunt and cannot be returned.
Please make checks or money orders payable to: CFMDC

PO box 1563 Eustis Florida 32727