The Central Florida Metal Detecting Club

President Carolyn Harwick
(407-580-2676) Email

Vice President: Jim Fielding  407-342-9630                   2nd Vice President: Marc Hoover  407-967-5409

Treasurer: Vicki Chilla  407-476-3998                           Secretary: Michael McClure  407-982-0375    

Application For Membership

Please Print Application  Membership Fees:______________ Single ($15)
(Membership Fee may incur after one year lapse of dues)

Membership Dues           $25.00 Per year/ Per Member

Make all checks out to C.F.M.D.C.

Meetings:          Second Friday of Each Month at 7:30 pm

Community United Methodist Church  41 W Highbanks Rd, DeBary, FL .

Name:              _______________________________________________

Address:          ________________________________________________

City:            ___________________State____Zip:_______________

Phone  ______--_________--________  E-mail___________________________

When are you available for Metal Detecting?  Weekdays__ Weekends__

I agree to abide to all club rules and obey the treasure hunters
code of ethics.


Introduced by:_________________________________

Applications and fees may be presented at meeting or mailed to:
CFMDC Members
PO Box 1563 Eustis Fl. 32727
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