Before the hunt, all participants drew one playing card out of a deck. Nothing was mentioned except to hold onto them until
later. The first hunt was a competition hunt. The fields were planted with identical denominated Mexican coins and painted
Member Appreciation Hunt at
Wilson's Landing Park Sanford
Member Appreciation Hunt at
Wilson's Landing Park Sanford
Saturday January 21, 2012
Saturday January 21, 2012
Central Florida Metal Detecting Club president Alan James and his wife, Janice put together the CFMDC Member
Appreciation Hunt. This is the first of its kind as long as I can remember (member since 1989).  The hunt was free for any
paid member of the CFMDC.
Pictures Courtesy of Debbie Green
The second hunt was a progressive hunt with Mexican coins with random letters of the alphabet taped to them. Members
hunted 5 fields, but could only move on to the next field after finding 4 tokens.
After hunting, the participants took their 20 tokens to their assigned groups to make the best metal
detecting related sentence. After people coming close to completing sentences but missing letters, Alan
gave each team two wild card plain tokens.
Group 2 wins with the sentence “Chicks love going metal detecting but all Jim ever finds is junk stuff for your happy pappy”

Group 1- “Boy its work yes you must join the Central Fl Metal Detecting Club yes enjoy its fun”

Group 3- “Happy man tis he that hunts my gold treasure today back in warm Florida”

Group 4- “The old kings war site was pounded by our VIP group club hunters WoHoo!”

Group 5- “We found our four coins with a Whites wand in Sanford Fl January”
Competition hunt - Most Mexican coins Bill Green winner, Jim Tippit,Sally Korns, Jerry Hitson
Competition hunt - Most painted pennies Bill Green,Chuck Hosbein Jim Burdick winner
Poker winners 3 Jacks Christine Merriam, Jerry Hitson, Gred Schwarzenberg, Carrie Gashaw, Nanette
Burdick and Steve Meeks
Beach competition basket
and digger donated by Greg
All winning categories group or single won a silver dime.
After all awards, the playing cards given out before the hunts were exchanged with corresponding cards on a table. These
cards had numbers on the back to correspond with prizes numerically numbered on a prize sheet. Prizes ranged from silver
quarters, dimes, halves, dollars, Canadian Loonies and mint coins even a proof set! Not bad for a free hunt. It is good to be